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Lip Lift is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in Turkey as well as in the world. Lip Lift is a functional operation as it opens the nasal passages and can also provide cosmetic benefits, also called aesthetic surgery. Opr. Dr. Hasan Duygulu aims to provide happiness and satisfaction to his patients with his team that takes care to provide the highest level of service in his private clinic.

Dr. Hasan Duygulu has successfully performed more than 3 thousand Lip Lifts in the last 12 years.

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What is Lip Lift Surgery? How Is It Performed?

Everyone is curious about what lip lift surgery is, which has recently started to find more space on social media. Many people want to know how this surgery is performed, which is especially mentioned in the Instagram posts of celebrities and allows them to achieve a different look thanks to their own work.

Lip lift, known as the lip nose distance shortening process; It is especially preferred by women as an important aesthetic operation. If the red part we call the lip is less visible, the upper lip is seen as short and the distance between the lip and nose is prolonged. Women who are faced with this situation; In order to make their lips prominent, they apply lipstick by overflowing from above. However, it is a serious mistake to make the lip prominent by filling the lip more than necessary. Because, according to experts, it is not possible to get rid of the lip appearance we mentioned with this method.

Lip Lift Surgery When might it be necessary?

Lip lift surgery makes it possible to shorten the distance between the nose and lips. It is a surgery that brings the visible part of the lip forward. In this way, there will be no need for actions such as highlighting the red part by applying lipstick or filling. In addition, lip lift is a surgery that is performed extremely smoothly. Just like in rhinoplasty, the incision is hidden under the nose. Thanks to the careful repair of the incision, the area in question heals in a short time.

Another curious issue is whether it is possible for everyone to have lip lift surgery. This surgery is definitely not applied to people with congenital problems in the lip structure called rabbit lips. In addition, we should say that this operation is risky for people who have a different mouth structure, whose lips are extremely thin, and who have undergone any operation in the lip area in the past years. In addition to all these, the person should know well why he/she wants to have this application. Lip lift surgery may not be necessary for every problem in the lip area. The problem in the lip can also be solved with other methods.

Lip lift surgery is not necessary under all circumstances. Some problems can also be solved with lip fillers or facelift methods. At this point, the person should consult his/her doctor first of all. It is recommended that people who have any problems and are not satisfied with their lip structure in any way should consult their doctors immediately and decide together which method is more suitable for them.

After Lip Lift How is the healing process?

There are questions about how long the healing process continues after lip lift surgery. At this point, as in rhinoplasty and other aesthetic operations, edema may occur for a few days after lip lift surgery. It should be said that edema formation is normal. It is a reaction of the body to surgery and stitches. Edema resolves within a few days at most.

Lip lift surgery does not have any risk. Stitches will not need to be removed. However, in some cases, bleeding may occur. In such cases, people should talk to their doctors immediately. Lip lift surgery is recommended to be performed by a plastic surgeon. In addition, the surgeon should have sufficient experience and knowledge for this operation. It is necessary to be very careful to ensure that the patient speaks comfortably during the operation and that there is no problem in the patient’s oral structure and speech after the operation.

How much the price of lip lift surgery will be is another curious issue. At this point, the price will vary depending on where the operation is performed. However, we can easily say that it is not as high as rhinoplasty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lip Plumping and Lip Lift the Same?

Lip augmentation is the work of injecting temporary or permanent products into the lip and increasing the volume of the lip. However, liplift is the work of lifting the lip by removing the subcutaneous tissue between the lip and nose. The two procedures are different from each other. Liplift surgery can also be performed on individuals with thin lips to thicken the upper lip. Because it turns the lip outward, the red part of the lip becomes more visible. The purpose of filling is actually the same thing as well as gaining volume; to make the red part more visible by turning the lip outward. Therefore, although these procedures are different, they basically have a similar effect. Lip augmentation is recommended for patients who do not have indications for lip lift surgery, sometimes both procedures can be applied to the patient in different sessions.

Lip lift surgery is a procedure that takes about 1 hour. It is usually performed under local anesthesia. The procedure starts with an incision made at the base of the nose where the nose meets the skin. By calculating the white lip / red lip ratio beforehand, the skin section that needs to be removed is marked and the next step is to remove this skin together with the subcutaneous tissue. Muscle tissue is usually not removed. Bleeding control is ensured. The incision edges are sewn together with thin dissolvable or non-resolvable stitches and the surgery is completed and the dressing is started. Edema may occur on the lip for the first 2-3 days, but this is temporary. Again, there will be leakage bleeding for the first 2 days, there is no need to worry at all. During these periods, it is recommended that the patient use antibiotics, consume soft food and not force the mouth too much.

The permanence of lip augmentation usually varies between 8 months and 1.5 years depending on the quality of the material used, the physiology of the individual undergoing lip augmentation and environmental conditions. After the procedure is completed in 1 or 2 sessions, there may be edema on the lip for the first 15 days. During this period, it is necessary to consume plenty of fluids and massage the lip to ensure the distribution of the filler. In the following process, the procedure can be repeated after 1 to 2 years.

Lip augmentation is performed under local or topical anesthesia. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes and the patient can return to social life or work life immediately after the procedure. It does not require any rest. There is no hospitalization.

Lip augmentation is an extremely safe procedure for hyaluronic acid fillers. There is no risk to life. It does not leave permanent scars, sequelae or any effect on the lip. Frequent intervals In very frequently repeated fat fillings or permanent fillings, problems related to lip nutrition problems may rarely occur, but there is nothing to worry about when done properly and carefully. Bleeding, bruising and swelling after the procedure are completely normal. In the application performed by people who are not experienced and not trained about this procedure, if hard fillers are given in abundance quickly, there may be a nutritional problem in the lip. In the meantime, the color of the lip mucosa turns white. If this is noticed, the doctor should be consulted immediately and the filling should be dissolved by using a melting agent before time passes. Otherwise, necrosis of the lip mucosa may develop and leave permanent damage to the lip.

Lip lift surgery is a permanent procedure. However, it is impossible to stop the skin from stretching, losing its elasticity, that is, aging. For this reason, the lip-nose distance that we shorten will continue to lengthen a little as we age. Decrease in skin elasticity, decrease in subcutaneous tissue volume, decrease in bone volume are the reasons for this lengthening. The genetic structure of the individual, smoking, unhealthy diet, stress and environmental conditions are effective in this process.

In the first few days after liplift surgery, there may be swelling in the lip and bleeding in the form of leakage, this is very normal. In the 1st week, the swelling is usually gone. Stitches are removed after 8-10 days. However, if your doctor has thrown fusible teeth, there may be no stitch removal process. After 2-3 months, there is redness at the incision site, but it passes in the 6th month. After lip lift surgery, some scar tissue remains at the junction of the nose and skin, which is difficult to distinguish in the long term, and can be easily camouflaged with makeup.

Before lip augmentation, topical anesthetic creams are applied to the lip. Therefore, patients do not feel much pain. However, patients with a very low pain threshold may feel pain during the procedure. These patients are injected with local anesthetics so that the procedure is more comfortable. Within 1 – 2 hours, the effect of local anesthetics wears off and the patient continues his/her normal life. There may be edema and bruising on the lip between the first 7-10 days. During this period, patients are advised to avoid blood thinners, herbal teas, aspirin, especially before the procedure.

Hyaluronic acid, biopolymer, silicone or oil materials can be used for lip filling. Hyaluronic acid material is a material that is not foreign to our body and is the most commonly used of these. The disadvantage is that it is temporary and needs to be repeated intermittently. However, this can actually be an advantage. There are many patients who had permanent filling in the past and now have surgery to give up this procedure. However, in hyaluronic acid filling, if you do not like the procedure, there are options such as destroying it with dissolvents or waiting for it to melt. Some of the fat fillers are permanent. Biopolymer and silicone-based fillers are permanent fillers, which must be removed by surgery if not desired.

The appearance of the patient after the lip augmentation procedure is related to the lip augmentation material given. This is discussed with the patient beforehand. If the patient wants natural, subtle but mild changes, this can be achieved with softer filling and less injection during the procedure. However, if the patient wants to have a fuller, voluminous lip volume, a harder and larger amount of lip filler is injected.

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