Septoplasty in Turkey

Septoplasty in Turkey

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We provide special attention to patients coming from different parts of the world, offering an effective surgical process. We guide you through the pre-operative and post-operative stages, ensuring the provision of high-quality services. With the modern surgical techniques we apply, we assist you in achieving the nose appearance you’ve envisioned. If you’re considering deviated septum rhinoplasty in Turkey, we are here to provide you with the best possible results.

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What is Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty

What is Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty?

Deviated septum rhinoplasty is a type of surgery aimed at correcting the septum, a tissue, while simultaneously improving the aesthetic appearance of the nose. A deviated septum refers to the deviation or curvature of the cartilage and bone partition inside the nose from its normal position. This condition can lead to nasal congestion, breathing difficulties, and snoring. This surgery is performed to both rectify the septum and enhance the aesthetics of the nose.

How is Deviated Septum Surgery Performed?

Deviated septum rhinoplasty is generally performed under general anesthesia to ensure that the patient does not experience pain or discomfort during the surgery. In the initial steps of the deviated septum rhinoplasty, incisions are made either inside or outside the nose. The primary goal of the surgery, which is to correct the septum, is achieved. If the surgery includes aesthetic improvements, the external structure of the nose may also be addressed at this stage. The nose’s shape is corrected, and bone or cartilage tissues may be trimmed or shaped as needed. This results in a more aesthetic and balanced appearance for the nose. When the procedures are completed, the incisions are closed with dissolvable aesthetic stitches or adhesives.

Hasan Duygulu Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty Journey

  • Anesthesia (General)
  • Duration (1 hour)
  • Hospital Stay (1 day)
  • Shower (after 2 days)
  • Sensitivity (2 days)
  • Work Permit (1 week)
  • Full Recovery (3 weeks)
How is Deviated Septum Surgery Performed
Septoplasty in Turkey

Who Can Have Septoplasty?

Deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery may be recommended for individuals experiencing issues such as difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, snoring, and other related problems. If such problems are impacting your daily life, you may consider deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery. It’s important that individuals seeking deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery are 18 years of age or older. Generally, surgery is recommended after nasal development is complete.

Things to Consider Before Deviated Septum Surgery

When considering deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery, paying attention to the following factors before the procedure can increase the success rate of your surgery:

  • Share your expectations about the surgery with our It’s important for us to know what kind of nose you want to achieve the desired results.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption before the surgery.
  • If you are taking any regular medications, inform us. 
  • Refrain from using blood-thinning medications.

Things to Consider After Deviated Septum Surgery

After deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery, you should pay attention to the following guidelines for a faster recovery:

  • Keep the nasal area clean. Use a soft cloth when wiping your nose.
  • Be careful not to smoke or consume alcohol for a while after the surgery.
  • Do not drive or engage in strenuous activities during the recommended time frame.
  • If you have nasal discharge, try not to blow your nose excessively as it can increase the risk of bleeding.

Why Should You Have Septoplasty Surgery in Hasan Duygulu?

We have achieved numerous successful surgeries in the field of deviated septum rhinoplasty with the experience we have gained. Thanks to our experience in this field and the techniques we use, we manage to achieve results that meet our patients’ wishes. We approach each patient individually and create a personalized treatment plan. In this way, we perform our surgeries by keeping patient satisfaction at the highest level. If you are considering having surgery in Turkey, you can start your deviated septum rhinoplasty process professionally by contacting us.


Hasan Duygulu Septoplasty Patients Comments in Turkey

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What Detemines The Cost of Septoplasty Surgery

What Determines the Cost of Septoplasty Surgery?

The cost of deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery may vary depending on some factors. Here are the factors that affect the cost:

  • The extent of the surgery affects the If it only involves septum correction, it may be less costly.
  • The experience of the surgeon who will perform the surgery may affect the
  • Price policies of hospitals or clinics where surgeries are performed may

Turkey Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty Price and Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty USA & UK Prices

Deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery may vary depending on the doctor’s expertise and the scope of the surgery. The average price of deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey is between 2000-3000 dollars. You can contact us and get information about the price of deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery.

Septoplasty Turkey Cost2.500$ – 5.000$
Septoplasty United Kingdom Cost5.000$ – 6.000$
Septoplasty Europe Cost3.000$
Septoplasty USA Cost3.000$ – 5.000$

Why Should You Have Septoplasty Surgery in Turkey?

Turkey is among the preferred countries for deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery. The healthcare sector in Turkey is equipped with clinics, hospitals, state-of-the-art devices and well-equipped operation rooms in accordance with international standards. In Turkey, customized treatment plans are created taking into account the needs and preferences of the patients from before to after deviated septum surgery.

Why Should You Have Septoplasty Surgery in Turkey


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Septoplasty in Turkey

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Septoplasty in Turkey

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Septoplasty in Turkey

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Septoplasty in Turkey

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Septoplasty in Turkey

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Septoplasty in Turkey

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does it take to recover from deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery?

You may be recovering 1-3 weeks after deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery. However, this period may vary from person to person depending on the scope of the surgery.

You can return to work 1 week after deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery. However, you should consult your doctor before starting work.

There is no scar left after deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery. The surgery is usually performed through incisions made inside the nostrils. For this reason, there may usually be no scar left.