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Septal Perforation Repair in Turkey

MD Hasan Duygulu

MD. Duygulu offers his patients an effective and reliable treatment by using modern surgical techniques in septal perforation surgeries. Known for his patient-oriented approach, Dr Duygulu creates personalised treatment plans by taking into account the individual needs of each patient and provides the necessary support for a healthy recovery process.

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Overview of Septal Perforation Repair in Istanbul




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What is Septal Perforation?

Septal perforation is the formation of a hole or opening in the nasal septum and can occur for various reasons such as nasal trauma, infections, use of chemicals, autoimmune diseases or nasal surgery. This can lead to symptoms such as nasal congestion, bleeding, dry nose, crusting and wheezing. 

What Causes Septal Perforation and How Is It Treated?

Nasal septum perforation is a hole or opening in the nasal septum caused by trauma, surgical interventions, infections, prolonged nasal spray use or frequent nose picking due to chronic nasal congestion. Symptoms include nasal congestion, bleeding, dry nose, crusting and whistling from the nose. The treatment option is nose surgery. 

How Is Nasal Septal Perforation Performed?

During septal perforation surgery, the cover called mucosa is lifted and advanced towards the perforation. The perforation is then closed by suturing. A barrier is placed in between to prevent a reperforation. Successful repair of nasal septal perforation depends on the size, location, cause, surrounding tissue condition and surgical technique. 

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Surgical Techniques to Treat a Perforated Septum

There are two different techniques commonly used to repair septal perforation. These techniques are as follows:

Septal Perforation Repair in Turkey

Local Flap Techniques

This technique involves the use of the patient's own tissue taken from the surrounding nasal lining to close the perforation. For smaller perforations, the use of local flaps taken from the patient's nasal tissue is often preferred.

Septal Perforation Repair in Turkey

Tissue Grafting

Graft material from the patient (autograft) or donor (allograft) may be required to close the larger gap. Common graft sources include cartilage from the ear, ribs, or soft tissue from other parts of the body. These grafts play an important role in closing the perforation and reconstructing the nasal structure.

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Who Can Have Septal Perforation Surgery?

  • Kanama, burun tıkanıklığı, nefes alma zorluğu, kabuklanma ve kötü koku gibi rahatsız edici belirtiler yaşayanlar.
  • Perforasyonun travma, cerrahi komplikasyonlar veya diğer yapısal nedenlerden kaynaklandığı durumlar.
  • Ameliyat için uygun genel sağlık durumuna sahip olan ve cerrahi riskleri minimal olan hastalar.

How To Prepare For Septal Perforation?

  • A comprehensive examination by an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist should be performed before surgery. The size, location and cause of the perforation are evaluated.
  • The doctor should be informed about general health status, chronic diseases, medications and allergies.
  • Blood tests can be performed to evaluate the general health status.
  • Blood thinners may need to be discontinued before surgery in accordance with the doctor’s recommendation.
  • If you smoke and drink alcohol, you should stop.
  • It is usually necessary to fast on the day of the operation. You may be asked not to eat or drink anything from midnight the night before the operation.

What Can I Expect After My Septal Perforation Repair?

  • Having information about the healing process and expectations after septal perforation repair helps patients to better prepare for the postoperative period. The conditions you may encounter in the postoperative period and the things you should pay attention to are as follows:
  • There may be mild or moderate pain and discomfort after the operation. You can relieve your pain by using the painkiller recommended by your doctor.
  • There may be swelling and bruising in the nose and some parts of the face. This usually subsides within a few days.
  • Avoid bending, heavy lifting and strenuous exercise.
  • Your doctor will schedule several follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process and prevent complications.
  • It may take time for the septum to heal completely and to make sure the perforation is closed.
  • Lifestyle changes may be needed to maintain nasal health, such as not smoking, not picking your nose and avoiding excessively dry environments.

How Well Does Septal Perforation Work?

Surgery to repair nasal septum perforation is successful. However, paying attention to the instructions recommended by your doctor after surgery plays a major role in maintaining the results of the surgery. For this reason, paying attention to the factors written above is critical for a healthy recovery process.

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Septal Perforation Repair in Turkey

Why Should You Have Septal Perforation Surgery in Hasan Duygulu?

There are many reasons for you to have septal perforation surgery in Hasan Duygulu. Hasan Duygulu achieves successful results by offering personalised treatment plans to his patients with his extensive experience and expertise in the field of otolaryngology surgery. Using modern surgical techniques and advanced technologies, he performs the most appropriate repair according to the size and location of the perforation. It closely monitors your recovery process with comprehensive postoperative support and regular follow-up, minimising the risk of complications. 

M.D. Hasan Duygulu Septal Perforation Patients Reviews in Turkey

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Septal Perforation Price in Turkey and Septal Perforation Prices in USA & UK

Septal perforation prices vary depending on many factors. You can contact us for precise information.

Septal Perforation Cost in Turkey 2.000£
Septal Perforation Cost in USA 5.000$
Septal Perforation Cost in UK 3.000$

Why Should You Have Septal Perforation Surgery in Turkey?

There are many advantages of having septal perforation surgery in Turkey. Turkey is known for its modern healthcare facilities and well-equipped surgical units that meet international standards. Specialised otolaryngology surgeons in the country have extensive experience and effectively use up-to-date surgical techniques and advanced technologies. Health services in Turkey are generally more cost-effective and offer high quality services. 

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FAQ About Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Will my nose collapse with a perforated septum?

Septal perforation can cause nose collapse. Surgery can correct the problems in your nose and improve the functionality and appearance of your nose.

Your nose will heal 1-2 months after septal perforation surgery. However, this period may vary depending on the extent of the surgery.

A hole in the septum can cause bleeding and pain. For this reason, surgical intervention is recommended for the treatment of an uncorrected septal perforation.

Septal perforation surgery is good in Turkey. In Turkey, septal perforation surgeries are performed in health centres that are supported by state-of-the-art equipment and modern medical standards, offering patients an effective and reliable treatment.

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