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I perform the surgery using modern surgical techniques to achieve your dream nose. If you want to have nose job surgery in Turkey, you can contact me. I provide you with the most suitable aesthetic appearance by improving your nose appearance.

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What is Nose Job?

Nose job is the process of reshaping bone, cartilage and soft tissues in order to change the shape or size of the nose. Our nose job surgery is performed in accordance with the facial structure and wishes of the person. I perform it for purposes such as eliminating deformities in the nose and breathing problems. Nose job is categorized as rhinoplasty, revision nose surgery, deviated septum rhinoplasty, non-surgical rhinoplasty.

I have been performing nose surgeries for nearly 15 years and have performed over 6000 successful nose surgeries. I analyze the rhinoplasty needs of the person and perform the surgeries successfully in accordance with the facial structure. You can contact me for natural results and take steps for your dream nose.

Nose Job Treatments


I perform rhinoplasty surgery using open, closed and piezo techniques. I have performed thousands of successful nose surgeries with these techniques and other techniques I use.

Revision Rhinoplasty

In revision rhinoplasty surgery, I ensure that the person has a shaped nose and breathes smoothly by correcting the results of the first nose surgery.    

Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty

In deviated septum rhinoplasty surgery, I help to solve the respiratory problems of the person by removing septum curvatures.

Non - Surgical Rhinoplasty

I perform non-surgical rhinoplasty by injecting the filler into the nose meticulously.



Am I a Suitable Candidate for Nose Job?

If you have the following nose problems, you may be a suitable candidate for a nose job:
  • If you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your nose,
  • If you have breathing problems,
  • If your nasal tip is low or you have a nasal deviation problem,
  • If you want your nose tip to be shaped, you can have nose job surgery.

Who Can Have Nose Job Surgery?

You must be over the age of 18 to have a nose job surgery. Because it is important that the nasal development is completed and the person is healthy for the procedure. Necessary examinations are performed before the nose job surgery and it is decided whether the person is suitable for nose job surgery.

Is Nose Job Surgery Permanent?

Nose job surgery is a permanent procedure. However, the results may vary from person to person. It is beneficial to adopt a healthy lifestyle to make the results of nose job surgery permanent. Eating healthy and not smoking are among the factors that protect the results of the surgery to a great extent.

Is Nose Job Surgery Painful?

Since the nose job surgery is performed under general anesthesia, no pain is felt during the operation. However, mild pain may be felt after surgery. You can alleviate your pain by using the painkillers we recommend or applying cold compresses.

Male and Female Nose Job

Rhinoplasty has become a frequently preferred procedure among both men and women. However, there are some changes in the rhinoplasty procedure in men and women. Women may generally want a more elegant and smaller nose, while men may want a more masculine and prominent nose.

Rhinoplasty surgeries are personalized procedures and are unique to each patient. I pay attention to the special needs of my patients. By listening carefully to their wishes and concerns, I create a unique treatment plan. By setting the goals of the surgery, I help each individual achieve the nose they dream of.


Nose Job Turkey Before and After

  • Before the nose job surgery, you need to share with me the shape and size of the nose you want.
  • It is important to give detailed information about your general health condition, medications, allergies.
  • Some medications and supplements before surgery may affect blood clotting after surgery. For this reason, you should inform me about the medications you use.
  • You should not smoke or drink alcohol before and after the surgery.
  • Mild pain and discomfort after nose job surgery is normal. You can use the painkillers I recommend to relieve your pain.
  • Keep your head high after the surgery. This will reduce your swelling.
  • It is important to have a balanced diet. It is useful to eat a watery diet for the first few days after surgery.
  • If you will have nose job surgery in summer, you should protect your face from the sun.
Nose Job Turkey
Nose Job Turkey

Hasan Duygulu, MD

My philosophy in nose job is to improve natural beauty rather than fake lookings.

Nose Job Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is among the most preferred countries for nose job surgery. Quality health services, affordable costs and cultural tourism are among the factors that attract rhinoplasty patients to Turkey. If you have questions like “Is it safe to have rhinoplasty in Turkey?” in your mind, the answer to this question will be extremely safe. Turkey is among the developed countries in terms of health services. For this reason, you can have nose job surgery safely.

Nose Job Procedure in Turkey

Together with my professional team, we provide high standards of service for nose job surgery. I listen to your expectations for nose job surgery and create your treatment plan. I am with you at every stage by providing you with support before and after the surgery. I perform the surgery with great care and ensure that you get the nose you want.

  • Anesthesia (General)
  • Duration (2 hours)
  • Hospitalization (1 day)
  • Shower (after 2 days)
  • Sensitivity (2 days)
  • Work Permit (1 week)
  • Full Recovery (3 weeks)

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Nose Job Price in Turkey

The average nose job price in Turkey is around 10,000 dollars. Compared to other countries, Turkey provides more affordable and high quality services. You can find nose job prices by country in the table below:

Nose Job Turkey Cost7.000$ – 10.000$
Nose Job United Kingdom Cost 8.000£ – 15.000£
Nose Job USA Cost15.000$ – 30.000$

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should the nose be cleaned after rhinoplasty?

Cleaning the nose after rhinoplasty should be done gently. You should clean your nose as shown by your doctor and be careful not to blow your nose.

After rhinoplasty surgery, swelling and bruising appear in the nose in the first days. However, these will decrease over time. You can fully see the results of the surgery after 1 year.

There is a slight pain after rhinoplasty. However, your pain will go away with painkillers and cold compresses recommended by your doctor.

Turkey is good for rhinoplasty. Because Turkey is one of the developed countries in the health sector.

The best country for nose job is Turkey. Turkey is one of the developed countries in the fields of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Estetik plastik cerrahi (veya kozmetik cerrahi veya rekonstrüktif cerrahi), vücudunuzun belirli bir bölümünün görünümünü iyileştirebilen veya işlevini geri yükleyebilen operasyonları içerir. Dr. Hasan Duygulu’nun sunduğu estetik cerrahi operasyonlar arasında yüz estetiği, kulak estetiği, dudak kaldırma, botoks, mezoterapi, çene hattı ve burun estetiği yer almaktadır.