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Face Lift in Turkey

Opr. Dr. Hasan Duygulu

Face Lift is one of the most performed plastic surgical techniques in Turkey and as well as in the World.

Face Lift can improve nasal breathing which is called a functional treatment and also can provide cosmetic benefits which is also called aesthetic treatment. Opr. Dr. Hasan Duygulu aims to provide their patients happiness and satisfaction with a team that is diligent to serve at the highest level at his private clinic.

Dr. Hasan Duygulu has successfully operated more than 3.550 Face Lift surgeries for the last 12 years.

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What is Face Lift Surgery?

Facelift surgery is the treatment method in the category of cosmetic surgery, which is preferred to make the face look younger. Facelift surgery is also included in the medical literature as “rhytidectomy”. During the application of facelift surgery, the skin hanging from both sides of the face and the SMAS tissue under the skin are pulled in the upward cross-vector direction. This surgery is the process of replacing the fat tissues, SMAS tissue, and skin that have lost their elasticity due to gravity and bone atrophy as age progresses. In the meantime, permanent fillings or implants over the bone can be used to treat bone atrophy. Neck lift surgery performed with the same logic often accompanies this surgery.


Why is Face Lift Done?

While the age advances, there may be some changes in the facial features and appearance of the face due to age. With age, the skin may appear looser, saggier, and less elastic. In some parts of the face, fat deposits can be seen due to certain conditions, and in some cases, fat accumulation can be seen less. Facelift surgery is performed to replace these sagging tissues. At the same time, the reasons for performing facelift surgery can be listed as follows;

  • Excess skin on the lower jawline, due to sagging skin in the area known as “jowl” among the people,
  • Due to the lines formed around the nose and around the mouth,
  • Facelift surgery can be performed due to lubrication or sagging in the neck area.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration After the Face Lift Operation?

Medical complications that may occur after all aesthetic operations may also occur after facelift surgery. In other words, the infection may occur in facelift surgery or complications may occur due to anesthesia. Paying attention to the lifestyle after the surgery and the doctor’s recommendations can prevent complications from occurring. The following factors may increase the risk of complications after facelift surgery, so the following conditions should be considered;

  • Blood thinners/supplements; Medicines or supplements that increase the flow of  the blood or blood thinners can prevent the blood from clotting easily and increase the risk of developing a hematoma after surgery.
  • Medical conditions; If the patient has a health problem that prevents blood clotting, he is not a suitable patient for facelift surgery. Diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure complicate the healing process of wounds and increase the risk of developing hematomas and cardiac complications.
  • To smoke; Smoking complicates the healing process of wounds after facelift surgery.

How to Prepare for Face Lift Operation?

History of Disease; Analyzes are made regarding past and present diseases, previous surgeries and complications arising from these surgeries, smoking status, and drug or alcohol use.

Drug review; The patient should tell the doctor the name and dosage of all medications that need to be used regularly, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, herbal remedies, vitamins, and other dietary supplements.

Facial Examination; The plastic surgeon takes pictures of the face from many angles. At the same time, the bone structure of the face, the shape of the face, the distribution of fat percentages on the face, and the quality of the skin are analyzed and it is decided whether or not the facelift operation will be performed.

To Whom is Face Lifting Performed?

Facelift operation can be applied to patients with the following criteria;

– Patients with sagging face and neck, but men and women whose skin maintains good elasticity.

– patients whose face and skin have retained their flexibility, but who have sagging cheeks and skin

– The most suitable patient profile for brow lift surgery is sagging of the skin in the upper part of the face and patients whose eyes appear unconscious and old, due to sagging, facelift operation can be applied.

How to Perform a Face lift Operation?

The facelift operation is performed as follows;

– When planning the facelift operation, first of all, the patient’s youth photos are looked at and how aging occurs, where and what kind of sagging occurs on the face are analyzed.

Then an incision is made on the skin. Procedures are applied to skin tissues, mimic muscles, and loosened tissues downwards. The interventions made to these deep tissues under the skin, the loosened, sagging spots are taken to the places where they should be on a normal face and the existing deformations are treated.

– Facelift surgery is performed by making small incisions of 1 to 2 millimeters with the endoscopic treatment method. Since these incisions remain in the hair, there is no surgical scar.


Face lift Prices

Facelift prices may differ depending on which surgical operations will be applied to the patient, the hospital where the operation is performed, and the experience of the doctor. For this reason, we recommend that, first consult a doctor to find out the most accurate price.

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