Big and Long Nose Surgery


One of the most prominent features on a person’s face is the nose. However, some of us may not be satisfied with the size and shape of our noses, either by birth or with age. Individuals with large and long noses may consider rhinoplasty if they are uncomfortable with this appearance. In this article, we talked about large and long rhinoplasty procedure. We wish you a pleasant reading.

What is Big and Long Nose Surgery?

Big and long rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to improve the aesthetic appearance and/or function of the nose. This procedure is performed to reduce the overall size of the nose, correct the tip or bridge of the nose, reshape the nostrils, or restore balance between the nose and other features of the face.

What Causes a Big and Long Nose?

A big and long nose can have several different causes. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Genes from parents or family members can influence the structure of a person’s nose. A large and long nose can be passed on through genetic inheritance.
  • The structure of a person’s nasal bones and cartilage can lead to a congenitally large or long nose. This may include deformities such as a high nasal bridge or a prominent nasal tip.
  • With age, some people’s noses may become larger or longer. This can be associated with the weakening of bone and cartilage tissue and the collapse of the nasal bone during the aging process.
  • Nasal shape and size can also be associated with cultural and ethnic differences. There may be marked differences in nasal structure between groups of people in different geographical areas.
  • Trauma or injury to the nose can cause the bones and cartilage tissue of the nose to change or grow. Injuries, especially in childhood, can affect the development of the nose and lead to a large or long nose.

Is Big and Wide Nose Rhinoplasty Considered as Hard?

Large nose surgery can be a surgically challenging operation. However, it can be performed successfully when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. The choice of surgeon is very important at this point. You can read our article”How to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon?“to choose the right surgeon. Large and long nose surgery can be difficult because large noses usually have complex anatomical structures and therefore the surgeon may need to work with precision and careful planning.

How To Fix a Big and Long Nose?

Correction of a large and long nose is performed with rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty uses various techniques to improve the size, shape and overall appearance of the nose. Which techniques to use to correct a large and long nose depends on factors such as the person’s existing nasal structure, aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Therefore, an individual assessment and surgical planning is crucial to achieve a successful outcome. This assessment should be done with a plastic surgeon and should include a detailed consultation process before surgery.

How is Big and Long Nose Surgery Performed?

Big nose surgery is a surgical procedure usually performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon usually makes a small incision through or under the nose to access the nose. He or she then reshapes the bone and cartilage structures of the nose, correcting the large and long nose. This may involve breaking and reshaping the nasal bones, thinning the nasal tip cartilage and narrowing the nostrils. During the surgery, anatomical defects in the nose are also corrected to correct breathing problems. After the surgery is completed, the incision sites are carefully closed and the patient’s recovery process begins.

Does The Nose Shorten After Surgery?

After rhinoplasty, a reduction in the size of the nose usually occurs between 20% and 25%. This occurs as a result of the anatomical changes and reshaping of the nose during surgery. However, this rate may differ for each patient and may vary depending on the complexity of the surgery, the changes made and the individual’s nasal structure.

Which Nose Size Is Best?

Facial proportion is an important factor in overall facial aesthetics and it is desirable for the nose to be appropriately proportionate to this proportion. Ideally, many plastic surgeons consider a nose size of one-fifth of the overall facial proportion to be aesthetically ideal.

Big and Long Nose Surgery in Turkey

You can opt for rhinoplasty surgery to reduce your large and long nose. Turkey is known as a highly developed country in the healthcare sector, and therefore many advantages are offered in Turkey for large and long nose surgeries. The use of high-tech equipment in the healthcare sector and the presence of world-renowned successful surgeons ensure that large and long nose rhinoplasty surgeries are performed reliably and effectively. Plastic surgeons in Turkey often work in modern hospitals with international standards and offer the highest quality care to their patients. Moreover, the competitive prices offered by Turkey provide an additional advantage for patients from abroad. Therefore, choosing Turkey for large and long nose rhinoplasty surgery can be an excellent option to both benefit from quality healthcare services and fulfill your aesthetic needs.

If you are uncomfortable with your big and long nose, you can have rhinoplasty surgery by choosing Hasan Duygulu. If you want to have information about rhinoplasty prices in Turkey, you can visit our page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a normal nose size?

The normal nose size for men is 2.2 inches and 2 inches for women.

Noses that are 2 inches long are not large. Nose sizes between 2 and 2.2 inches are the normal size.

If you have a large nose, you may prefer rhinoplasty surgery. Thanks to rhinoplasty surgery, your nose shrinks and becomes more compatible with your face.

If you have a long nose, you may prefer rhinoplasty surgery. After rhinoplasty surgery, an aesthetic nose appearance that is smaller and compatible with the face emerges.


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