The Effect of Smoking and Alcohol After Rhinoplasty

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption After Rhinoplasty

If you have had a rhinoplasty due to aesthetic concerns or health problems, there are some factors that you should pay attention to during your recovery process. The most important of these factors is smoking and alcohol consumption. In this article, we talked about the effects of smoking and alcohol on nose surgery. We wish you pleasant reading.

Why You Shouldn’t Smoking and Alcohol Before Rhinoplasty?

All surgeons recommend not to smoke and drink alcohol before and after rhinoplasty. Smoking and alcohol can negatively affect your postoperative healing process. The body can repair itself, but harmful substances entering the body when smoking and alcohol are consumed delay the healing process. For this reason, smoking and alcohol consumption is not recommended.

The Effect of Smoking in Nose Surgery

Smoking has a constricting effect on blood vessels. For this reason, it can cause a decrease in blood circulation. Nicotine and other harmful substances disrupt the normal healing process of cells, and as a result, postoperative swelling and bruises persist longer. Smoking, which has negative contributions to the healing process, is not recommended for these reasons.

The Effect of Alcohol Use in Rhinoplasty

People who will have rhinoplasty should avoid alcohol consumption before and after surgery. Alcohol consumption in the preoperative period may affect blood circulation and general health status. After the surgery, alcohol negatively affects the healing process and may jeopardise the success of the surgery. Therefore, it is important to comply with the doctor’s recommendations and to follow the rules determined before surgery.

How Long You Should Avoid Smoking or Alcohol Consumption After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

It is recommended not to smoke and drink alcohol before and after rhinoplasty. Smoking and alcohol are not recommended because they damage your body and affect your healing process. If you consume cigarettes and alcohol, we recommend that you stay away during your recovery process.

What Can Smoking and Alcohol Cause After Rhinoplasty?

There are negative effects of smoking and drinking alcohol after rhinoplasty. Some of these negative effects are as follows:

  • Smoking reduces blood circulation. Thus, it negatively affects the healing process.
  • Smoking and alcohol can weaken the immune system. Thus, the risk of infection may increase.
  • Alcohol consumption may cause water retention in the body and this may increase postoperative bruising and swelling. Especially after nose surgery, such problems may affect aesthetic results.
  • Alcohol and smoking may interact with anaesthesia and this may lead to anaesthetic complications.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption may increase the risk of postoperative complications.
  • Healing problems and increased pain intensity can be observed, especially at the stitches.

Can I Smoke With a Silicone Tampon in My Nose?

Silicone tampons used after rhinoplasty are usually placed to control bleeding in the nose and to maintain the shape of the nose. Smoking is generally not recommended during this period, as smoking carries a number of risks that may adversely affect healing in the postoperative period.

Do Smoking and Alcohol Damage Nose Stitches?

Smoking and alcohol damage the nasal sutures. This adversely affects blood circulation and causes insufficient blood flow in the suture area. Insufficient circulation slows down the healing process and prevents the sutures from healing properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I smoke after nose surgery?
You should not smoke for at least 1 month after nose surgery. In fact, it will be in your best interest to extend this period as much as possible.
Smoking after nose surgery causes the capillaries to crack and delay the healing period.
You should not smoke even after your tampon is removed after nose surgery. Smoking will negatively affect your surgery results.

You should stop drinking alcohol at least 1 week before the nose surgery. Alcohol consumption should be stopped as early as possible before the operation.


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