Pregnancy Before and After Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is one of the most preferred aesthetic surgeries today. However, for women who are planning a pregnancy or have recently given birth, rhinoplasty brings some additional considerations and planning. In this article, we talked about whether rhinoplasty can be performed before and after pregnancy and the factors you should pay attention to. We wish you pleasant reading

Can a Rhinoplasty Be Performed Before Pregnancy?

Pre-pregnancy rhinoplasty is usually possible, but if you have a pregnancy plan, it is recommended to wait at least six months after the operation. As with any surgical procedure, the body needs a healing process after rhinoplasty. If you are planning to become pregnant, it is important to wait for this healing process to be completed, both in terms of preserving your surgical results and your general health.

Is Nose Aesthetics Performed While Pregnant?

It is generally not recommended to have rhinoplasty while pregnant because anaesthesia during this period carries various risks for the health of both the mother and the developing baby. Anaesthesia and surgical intervention can have adverse effects on the development of the foetus and can also jeopardise the health status of the mother. If you are planning a rhinoplasty, the safest approach is to perform the procedure after you have given birth and fully recovered. In this way, both your and your baby’s health will be protected.

Is Nose Aesthetics Performed After Pregnancy?

Rhinoplasty is performed after pregnancy, but it is not recommended to be done immediately. It will be healthier to have a nose surgery after the breastfeeding period is over. Some drugs used during breastfeeding can pass to the baby through milk. For this reason, the surgical procedure is usually planned after the breastfeeding period.

How Many Months After Birth Can I Have Nose Surgery?

It is not recommended to have a nose surgery during your breastfeeding period after birth. You can have a nose surgery 4-5 months after the breastfeeding period ends. However, this period may vary from person to person. Talking to your surgeon for a correct planning will ensure a healthier progress of the process.

Is Pregnancy Risky After Nose Surgery?

Pregnancy after nose surgery is generally not considered risky. However, the healing process after surgery should be taken into consideration. Being pregnant immediately after surgery can affect the condition of the tissues in the healing process and in some cases increase swelling in the tissues. After rhinoplasty, a certain amount of time is required for the body to fully recover and stabilise.

We have come to the end of our post-nose surgery nutrition article. You can visit our “Rhinoplasty Before After Photos” page to see the photos of the pages that have had rhinoplasty before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it harmful to have rhinoplasty before pregnancy?

It is not harmful to have rhinoplasty before pregnancy. However, you need to wait 6 months for pregnancy after the surgery.

It is not harmful to have rhinoplasty after pregnancy. However, it should be done after the breastfeeding period.

Rhinoplasty is performed 6 months before pregnancy. It will be healthier to wait for recovery to get pregnant after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is not performed during breastfeeding. Generally, the drugs used can pass to the baby through milk.


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