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Droopy type nose is a common problem. In this article, we have given detailed information about droopy type nose. We wish you pleasant reading.

Droopy Nose Tip When Smiling

Nasal tip sagging is a very common problem. Especially when smiling, the nose looks even more drooping. This may be a natural feature of the nasal structure or a result of the aging process. However, there is a solution method for people who are uncomfortable with this situation. People who are uncomfortable with droopy nose tip can have droopy nose type rhinoplasty surgery. Thus, the nose will look more aesthetic.

What Is Droopy Nose Tip?

A drooping nasal tip refers to a condition in which the tip of the nose is curved downwards or in one direction. This can occur when the cartilage or tissues of the nose are irregularly formed, either congenitally or as a result of a traumatic event. A drooping nasal tip can affect the aesthetic appearance of the nose and in some cases can cause nasal congestion or breathing problems.

What Causes a Droopy Nose?

  • Some people’s nasal structures may be prone from birth, which can lead to nasal tip curvature or drooping.
  • Nasal fractures or other nasal trauma can cause deformation of the nasal cartilage or tissues, resulting in a drooping nasal tip.
  • With aging, the cartilages and tissues of the nose can weaken over time, which can lead to a drooping nasal tip.
  • The tip of the nose may sag as a result of some traumas.

Droopy Tip Correction

A drooping nasal tip can affect the aesthetic appearance of the nose and in some cases can cause breathing problems. Fortunately, a drooping nasal tip can be successfully corrected with a surgical procedure called rhinoplasty. Ptotic type rhinoplasty surgery corrects the drooping nasal tip and breathing problems, if any.

How Is Ptotic Tip Rhinoplasty Performed?

Droopy type nose surgery is performed under general anesthesia. In this procedure, the surgeon reshapes the nasal cartilage and tissues. In the surgery, small incisions are made inside or outside the tip of the nose. The low nasal tip is eliminated, if thinning is desired, thinning is applied and the surgery is completed. Ptotic type rhinoplasty is a procedure that can be tailored to the individual needs and wishes of each patient.

Droopy Nose Type Before Rhinoplasty

  • Clearly and clearly convey your desired nose shape to your doctor.
  • Describe your health history, allergies and medications you are taking.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Your surgeon will give you specific instructions, such as how long you should fast before surgery. He or she will also advise you on post-operative care and help you manage your recovery at home in the best way possible.
  • Do not use blood thinners.

Droopy Nose Type After Rhinoplasty

  • After surgery, it is important to rest and adapt to the healing process. Resting at home for the first few days after surgery helps to reduce swelling in and around the nose.
  • After surgery, you may have a splint or bandage around your nose. It is important that this bandage or splint is held in place properly and that the nasal area is protected for a certain period of time.
  • Regular use of medicines such as painkillers or antibiotics, as recommended by your surgeon, supports postoperative relief and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Swelling may occur in and around the nose after surgery. You can apply cold compresses as recommended by your doctor to reduce swelling. However, take care not to put the ice pack directly on the skin and do not exceed the application time.
  • Protect your nose from the sun.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Droopy Type Nose Rhinoplasty Prices in Turkey

The average price of droopy type nose in Turkey is 3000 dollars. However, this price varies depending on many factors. Prices are determined according to the hospital where the surgery will be performed, the location of the hospital, the surgeon who will perform the surgery, and the scope of the surgery.

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