Eyelid Aesthetics

Signs of aging first appears on suborbital area and cause eyelid sagging in next years. This problem may cause visual impairment, visual field narrowing and under-eye bags. I apply this procedure, called as “blepharoplasty” in medicine practice, to patients suffering from these problems. By removing excess skin, and some muscle and fat if needed, from upper eyelids, I normalize size of eyelids.

In patients with excess under eye skin, I eliminate under-eye bags by opening an external cut and, in patients with no excess under eye skin, I open the cut internally and flatten the skin together with the muscle after eliminating the bags. If there is no need for additional procedures, I end the operation. If only upper eyelids are operated, the operation lasts 15 minute per eyelid under local anesthesia.

If lower eyelids included, the operation lasts for about 1,5 hours. This operation makes our patient look much younger.

What is the aim of eyelid surgeries?

This operation enables sagging upper eyelids to be lifted and removal of eye bags. Thus, suborbital area looks younger and patients have more piercing and attractive eyes. Eyelid aesthetic surgeries can eliminate tired, angry or sleepy look on the patients’ faces, which is the common problem of them.