Revision Nasal Surgery

Revision (secondary) nasal surgery is a reconfiguration operation performed to recorrection of deformities emerged after at least one nasal operation. This operation requires a second operation at varying rates in different countries and clinics. This rate is generally between ……… and ………. .

When any problem occurs, in accordance with the reason of deformity or problem, the second, third, or even fourth operation is planned and performed. The more correctly the reason of the problem is detected, the higher the success change of revision surgery is. In revision surgeries, some materials as cartilage may be needed depending on the amount of material left in previous operation. This need is generally met via own tissue of the patient. This tissue is removed from ear or rib cartilage generally.

If I need extra cartilage during revision surgeries, I mostly prefer rib cartilage as I found it more useful.