In this article; We will examine nasal aesthetics, rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty operations. First of all, it is important to note that nasal surgery is a rhinoplasty (reshaping of the nose) that the person decides to have because of a health problem or appearance.

What is Rhinoplasty? (Nose Aesthetics)

If the nose is too thick or thin belt, if the nose is drooping, does not appeal to your eye taste, if it shakes your self-confidence, nose surgery is a good solution for this. The beauty of the nose, the harmony with the face will increase your self-confidence. You can make your face shape like your nose with its nose aesthetics. Most of the incisions made in the nose surgery are made in the nasal areas which are not visible to the eye. In some embodiments, the surgical incision may be made in the skin area that separates the nostrils from each other. Within these processes, a certain amount of bone and cartilage is removed or arranged to form a reshaped nose.

If a tampon is inserted into the nose during surgery, it is removed the morning after surgery. The nasal splint is usually removed 7 days after surgery. During this period, additional tape is applied to the nose wings for seven days and then these bands are removed. Most of the bruising and swelling that occurs after surgery usually disappears within two weeks after surgery. The nose should be protected from impact for four weeks after surgery. Do not put any load on the nose. The person who will have the nose aesthetic must be over 18 years old.

Before the nose surgery is done, it is very important that the patient wants to have his nose done for what he wants. The patient who wants to have a nose surgery should decide what he wants to have his nose for and what kind of nose he wants. What the patient wants before the nose surgery is very important and should be considered.

Nose surgery is performed with two different techniques, open and closed. The main difference between the two techniques is the cut of the skin at the bottom of the nose. This section is called open nose surgery when the surgery is performed by cutting. In closed technique, it would not be right to think that there is no nasal incision. There are aesthetic differences between the early nose and the female nose. The female nose is more raised than the male nose.

What is seconder rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is  a surgical procedure which is made to repair the appearence or functional problem or both of them of a nose which had been undergone one or more operations before. That procedure is more complicated and more experience-needed surgery than the primary rhinoplasty. This procedure can take 30 minutes – 4 hours time according to the deformity of nose.

How to Decide Rhinoplasty?

First of all, nose surgery is not a simple operation. Nose surgery has an operation time ranging from 1.5-5 hours. Nasal surgery should be well thought out before the individual has to make his own decision. It is important that you want the beauty of a nose, how you want your own what you want, not what the individuals around you, your family wants. Nose surgery is a surgery performed if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose or if you have health problems (such as inability to breathe). Recently, surgical and anesthetic techniques have been developed considerably in the nose operations, which reduces the difficulty of the surgery considerably.

Due to the internal structure of the nose, inadequate or incomplete breathing, snoring, sleep apnea, having a health problem, having a nose in aesthetic problems, having a health or aesthetically problematic nose, people who have gone through puberty, who lost their self-confidence because of aesthetic problems in the nose, people who are not satisfied with the previous nose aesthetic operation is recommended to be nose aesthetics Nose surgery is a surgery that can be done in every season but there are issues that need to be paid attention according to the season.

In the summer, the person should be protected from sunbathing and in winter the upper respiratory tract infections due to nasal congestion. The most important point of the nasal aesthetics is the choice of a doctor. You should talk to your doctor, look at your previous surgeries and get all the information about the surgery from your doctor. Your doctor should pay attention to your wishes, you should trust your doctor and pay attention to what they say. You should stay in touch with your doctor and follow your nose. Before you have a nose surgery, you need to understand how to make a better decision, because the appearance of the nose and the fit of the nose to the face is an important factor for your happiness and self-confidence.

My Nose Has Health Problems How Can I Fix It?

The aesthetics of the nose have the benefits of a good nose, comfortable breathing, smell, sound correction, relief from sinusitis, snoring prevention, comfortable sleep and less respiratory infection.

In the majority of people with curvature of the nose, the middle wall of the nose called the septum is also curved. Thus, one of the nasal passages narrows and disrupts breathing function. It may even clog completely in some serious situations.

In nose surgery, nose shape is corrected externally, septum deviation problem is solved from inside. Thus, the person is often often again unaware of breathing difficulties

During nose surgery, the nasal passage is opened, and usually if the sound disorder is related, the sound returns to its original state. The problem of snoring is eliminated as the irregularities in the nose are regulated during nasal aesthetics. When the nose bones and soft tissues are corrected during the nose aesthetics, the nostril relaxes and the flesh of the nose loosens. Sinus problem is eliminated

People who cannot breathe through their nose often get up from their night sleeps and cannot have a comfortable sleep, but after the nose surgery the breathing problem is solved so that the person can now have a comfortable sleep. The most important benefit of nose aesthetics is that your self-esteem is fulfilled. Appearance plays an important role in the fulfillment of your self-confidence, self-love, self-peace is the most important reason for self-confidence. Good breathing through the nose is important in your heart and veins. Good breathing is important both for your heart to work better and for you to be healthy. A good breath increases the physical performance of the person.

What is the average nose surgery prices?

Nasal surgery can be short and simple as well as long and difficult surgery. The operation depends on the patient’s nose. While these changes may occur, the price may change. Price varies according to the selected doctor, but the amount to be paid is too high, the operation will go very well or low price does not mean that a bad result can be taken is important.

Nose Aesthetics prices do not have a big effect on the operation of open or closed methods, but under the type of anesthesia Nose Aesthetics surgery will be performed under the effects of nose aesthetic prices. The difficulty of anesthesia surgery performed in the nose surgery causes a change in the price of hospital stay.


Why revision rhinoplasty needed?

Rhinoplasty operation is one of the most difficult World-wide procedure in cosmetic surgery. There are from %6- to %25 failure incidence in literature in different clinics. That failure can be in appearance or in functional or both. and revision rhinoplasty procedure is for solving that problems.


Graft use in revision rhinoplasty ?

 While reshaping structure of nose cartilage grafts are being used often. In some minimal problems, grafts are not being needed but this circumstances are rare.  If in primary operation patient’s own cartilage had not being used much some times remining cartilages also being enough for seconder operation and no need any graft. But most of the revision rhinoplasties cartilage grafts taken from ear or costa are needed and it should be discussed with patient before operation.

What are the stages for seconder rhinoplasty procedures?

The patient should be informed about all stages of the procedure. The first stage is the detailed examination. If everything goes well and the patient is medically appropriate for the revision rhinoplasty, the operation date is determined after the detailed examination. Pre-operative blood tests and anesthesia preparations are planned. Revision rhinoplasty procedures are performed under general anesthesia. The other important stage before the operation is the detailed examination. In this stage, the surgeon takes detailed notes about the operation and the technique to be used. It is recommended to stay at the hospital for one night after the operation. After one week, the splint will be removed and the patients can return their social and work life.

How is the healing process for revision rhinoplasty?

The healing process for revision rhinoplasty is longer than primer rhinoplasty. The deformities from the previous surgery directly affect the new surgery. After a successful revision rhinoplasty, minor problems may occur. They can be eliminated with surgical or non-surgical interventions. Total recovery time lasts two years. Because the time is long, patients need to have patience.

To positively affect and accelerate the healing process, the patients should prepare themselves psychologically apart from the physical and the spiritual. It is necessary to establish a trust-based relationship with the surgeon and think positively. During the healing period, the patients should be under control and the patients must follow the instructions given by the surgeon.


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