What is Revision Nose Surgery?

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What is Revision Nose Surgery?
Revision (secondary = second) nasal surgery is a “restructuring“ operation for the correction of some deformities that occur at least once after nasal surgery. There is a possibility that this surgery may be encountered in different clinics and countries that require re-operation at varying rates. Usually this ratio varies between.

Once there is a problem, when planning a second or third or even fourth operation, the operation is planned and performed according to the cause of the deformity or problem. There is a high chance of success in revision surgeries that are well identified and the cause. Due to the abundance of material left in the previous operations of the patient, revision surgery requires some cartilage-like materials.

This need is usually derived from the patient’s own tissue. This tissue is usually one of the ear or rib cartilage. I think that if I need cartilage in revision surgery, I usually prefer rib cartilage and it is more useful.

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