What Is Jaw Aesthetic Surgery?

Facial beauty is a concept that emerges with the harmony of all organs in our face.

It is a structure that stands out in facial aesthetics in our chin like the tip of the nose on the human face. Especially our nose and chin are the most protruding organs of our face and they balance each other in appearance.

 Correction of the jaw tip is performed by interventions to the bone or soft tissue. Procedures to the bone are the advancement or retraction of the jaw tip bone. Fat tissue or hyaluronic acid-containing fillers can be injected into the soft tissue. If your jaw is behind, it is possible to advance the jaw by placing a prosthesis. I usually do this surgery in combination with nose surgery in my clinic. I would usually recommend this surgery to my patient if the chin is noticeably back from the lower lip.

What Is The Healing Process After Jaw Prosthesis Surgery?

The healing time of the jaw prosthesis surgery varies depending on the method used for the surgery. If only a jaw prosthesis surgery has been performed, I will be discharged the next day, holding the patient on the day of surgery. Lower lip and chin may be lethargic after surgery. Drowsiness may disappear one day after surgery. Jaw prosthesis surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. It takes about 1 hour. I usually start this process with an incision through the mouth. This way there is no visible sign from the outside. I use fusible seams as seams. Self-absorbed seams fall spontaneously in 7-10 days. There may be slight swelling and edema in the jaw, but this is temporary. Antibiotics and analgesics are used against the risk of postoperative infection and heavy activities should be avoided. After surgery, special tapes are used to maintain the position of the prosthesis until swelling ceases.

Is There Any Trace After The Jaw Aesthetics?

Surgical interventions are generally performed through a thin incision in the mouth or under the jaw, so that no visible scarring remains. I usually prefer the oral incision.

Jaw enlargement with non-surgical filling

Jaw tip filling is an extremely painless and comfortable procedure performed in the practice conditions. If necessary, special pain relief creams and cooling anesthesia are applied. Jaw filler using hyaluronic acid filling products painlessly 15 minutes. done with a process that lasts. Permanence of the fillings applied to the jaw tip lasts approximately 12-18 months. Provides a natural appearance as it is injected close to the bone. You can return to your work without any rest after the procedure.


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