The signs of old age starting from the first eye around the elderly may then progress to eyelid sagging. This problem can progress to degrees such as aesthetic image impairment, even headache and narrowing of the visual field. I apply this procedure to patients who are uncomfortable with this condition, also called “blepharoplasty ünde in the medical literature. In the upper eyelids, skin, if necessary, some muscle and adipose tissue by removing the eyelid to normal measurements. In my patients with excess skin in the lower eyelids by making an external incision, in the absence of excess skin by making an incision in the eye bagging and stretching the skin with the muscle. If some additional surgical procedures are not required, I consider these procedures sufficient and finish the procedure. If the operation is only for the upper eyelids, it ends in half an hour from 15 minutes each and I do it under local anesthesia. Including the lower eyelid if both procedures can take a total of 1.5 hours. After these procedures, patients have a younger appearance.

What is the purpose of eyelid surgery?

With this surgery, sagging upper eyelids are removed, swelling bags under and above the eye are removed. Thus, it is aimed to make the eye area look younger and to make the patients look sharper and more impressive. Tired, angry or sleepy appearance of patients with common complaints can be corrected with eyelid aesthetic surgery


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