Özge M.

I wanted to have surgery for a long time from my nose, but how would it be a bad way I had a lot of fears, a lot of doctors, I’ve seen a lot of doctors I’ve seen a kind of decision I could not go to the hospital so I went to medipol hospital and there was a chance to meet my doctor … my second week is now healed back to my normal life even my nose even now very very very good that you have chosen him 🙂 özge.

Ez.. İ.

I decided to have a huge and broken nose after the surgery by doing doctor’s research, I found Hasan Bey went to the doctor and wanted to be closed nose surgery only because I was afraid of stitches, but most of the indoor can not be said, but I decided to do a closed surgery. In the morning of surgery, Hasan Bey greeted me in the morning with a friendly face and did not experience the fear of surgery I am very happy to have my nose, especially Hasan Bey, I am very happy in his thanks to him I have a small and natural nose in all ways I can recommend myself to all my friends can have peace of mind. Mr. Hasan, thank you again.


First of all, congratulates Hasan for his success and thanks to him for his interest
I would. I started to search for good doctors in their branches for nose aesthetics, I made an appointment with five doctors in one day, but I met with them, but Hasan has shown his interest in his confident speech and his self-confidence had satisfied me. I had an appointment about 1 month ago and I had a successful operation in every subject. I stayed at the back of his work at every check in the first day of attention and attention to the sincere hot one. I wish you continued success…


I would like to thank Hasan very much both nose and ear aesthetics I made them both at the same time I was very satisfied, both of them very nice I wish I had come before I even said.
Both his interest and his tolerance made me very happy. I didn’t think he would be interested. I would recommend Hasan to everyone. My face is laughing and I thank him very much.

M … ..

Due to the nose I had broken at a young age and previously emeliyayat and somehow did not improve for a long time discomfort, especially in the left nostril breathing difficulties, followed by fatigue and snoring complaints on 13.07.2018 Istanbul / Sefaköy Medipol University HST – ENT department op.Dr . Hasan Duygulu Bey was examined and I had a surgery. As a result of the examination, surgery and treatment, Allah’s permission, I have gained my health in a short period of 1 week and I was very satisfied. I intern Germany (MTRE), X-ray I’m reading the Assistanlig, where I believe that many doctors although it is generally carried out better surgery in Turkey and I decided to be there, the final it was uL and was very successful emeliyayat. Mr. Hasan is very successful in his work and I wish this success to continue and I am very happy to be examined and operated by him because of his goodness, friendliness and honesty he showed before and after a Doctor, Treatment and Surgery. I would like to thank him and all the other employees who have contributed.

M … ..

I’ve been having trouble breathing for years. I couldn’t trust them, even though many doctors said surgery. When I heard Hasan Bey, I went to see him and trusted him. He is a good doctor who succeeds in his work. I’m very pleased with my surgery.