Scoop ear aesthetic surgery is a procedure that involves the development or absence of surplus of a number of structures in the anatomy of the auricle, or both. Scoop ear deformity is most commonly caused by the complete or partial absence of the antihelix fold in the normal anatomy of the auricle, and because of the large volume of the concha structure. This curl which is not in operation is formed by suture techniques or some amount is removed from the structure we call concha or both processes are applied. The operation starts with the removal of the skin incision and some excess skin from the back of the auricle, and the duration of the operation lasts approximately 2 hours for 45-60 minutes. In my own clinic, I perform this surgery in adults under local or general anesthesia in children under general anesthesia.

When is ear ear surgery performed early?

It’s a question I often come across. It develops auricles in children at the age of 5-6 years. So it can be done after the age of 6. So why early surgery is preferred at this age. Because the problem that creates this aesthetic disorder also leads to psychological disorders especially in school age in children. Therefore, if there is such an anatomical disorder, correcting it from an early age in our children will be beneficial for psychological development.

Is it possible to do scoop ear surgery without incision?

Yes, this surgery is possible without any surgical incision. Generally, in children and some adults, when the auricle is not hardened and the concha structure is not abnormally bulky, sutures can be thrown with some techniques without incision and antihelix curvature can be formed. This procedure can only be performed with appropriate sutures, but the risk of recurrence is slightly higher than in the surgical procedure.

What is the process after scoop ear surgery?

I do this surgery after the ear dressing and wrap around the ear, and after 2 days I open and see. If I performed the operation under local anesthesia, I do not admit the patient, but if I performed under general anesthesia, I can hospitalize for 1 day. After 2 days, I can wrap one more day or switch to ear bandages. I use ear bandages for 3 weeks at any time of day and for the next 3 weeks only at night. 5.-6. I don’t mind if they take a bath. I don’t have to buy stitches because I use fusible material in ear sutures. I tell my patients that there may be discoloration, redness, bruising in the auricle for the first 2-3 days and this is normal in this process. For the first 3-4 days, I am discharged with a painkiller and an antibiotic. I don’t have any restrictions on eating or drinking.


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