Comment / My Doctor

Özge M.

When I decided to have a rhinoplasty surgery, I searched and meet many doctors until I meet with Mr. Duygulu by chance in Medipol Hospital. I’m so glad to know him! I’m in the second post-operative week now; I’ve already got back to my routine and my work. I’m so pleased with my new nose! 🙂 özge.

Ezgi. İ.

My nose was huge and broken. After I had decided to have rhinoplasty surgery, I explored Mr. Duygulu while searching. I wanted to have a closed operation, but other doctors had said they can perform only open rhinoplasty. I made my mind as soon as Mr. Duygulu said that he can carry out the operation under closed technique. Mr. Duygulu welcomed me warmly on operation day and calmed me down. I’m so happy, I owe my small and natural nose to my doctor’s skill. I recommend him everyone to have rhinoplasty operation. Thanks again, Mr. Duygulu.


First and foremost, I congratulate Mr. Duygulu for his successes and thank him for the interest he showed.  I made a detailed search on rhinoplasty surgeons and negotiated five surgeons a day. But, Mr. Duygulu earned my trust by the interest he showed, his self-assurance and professionalism. I had my operation a month ago and I’ve been so happy. He deals with me with the sincerity and interest on the first day in each control session. I wish him continuous success.


I thank to Mr. Duygulu so much. I have earlobe aesthetics and rhinoplasty simultaneously and so satisfied with both. I wish I had met with him before. He made me so happy with his tolerance and interest exceeding my expectations. I recommend him everyone to have aesthetic operation. I owe my smile to him. Thanks again.


I got examined to Surgeon Doctor Hasan Duygulu in Department of Otolaryngology Istanbul/Sefaköy Medipol University Hospital in 13.07.2018 with complaints of my nose broken in childhood, breathing problem in the especially left nostril, which I had been suffering from despite having a previous operation and fatigue and snoring. Thank Allah, I rehabilitated in only 1 week including examination, operation and post-operation processes. I’m so happy. I’m student and assistant in Rontgen Assistance in Germany (MTRA), but I wanted to have this operation in Turkey believing in skills and professions of Turkish doctors. I’m so glad with my decision. Mr. Duygulu is a highly professional and skilled surgeon. I recommend him to everyone I know. I thank him for his sincerity and sympathy. I thank to both him and his team.


I had been suffering from breathing problems for years. I could trust none of the doctors I met. But Mr. Duygulu earned my trust and performed my operation. He is a professional and skilled surgeon. I’m so satisfied with the result. Thank you very much.