Eyelid Aesthetics

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Signs of aging first appears on suborbital area and cause eyelid sagging in next years. This problem may cause visual impairment, visual field narrowing and under-eye bags. I apply this procedure, called as “blepharoplasty” in medicine practice, to patients suffering from these problems. By removing excess skin, and some muscle and fat if needed, from […]

Revision Nasal Surgery

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Revision (secondary) nasal surgery is a reconfiguration operation performed to recorrection of deformities emerged after at least one nasal operation. This operation requires a second operation at varying rates in different countries and clinics. This rate is generally between ……… and ………. . When any problem occurs, in accordance with the reason of deformity or […]


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This new technique developed and rapidly expanding technique is based on the principle of preserving the original nasal bone of the patient during the operation. Instead of removing and reshaping nasal bone, we produce the new nasal bone by preserving it and pushing bone-cartilage unit down after fixing downwards in this technique. As it is […]


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What is filling application? The word ‘hyaluronic’ is derived from the word ‘hyalos’, which means ‘glass’ in Greek. Hyaluronic acid is also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronat and abbreviated as “HA”. It’s the main component of extracellular matrix. We use this material mostly in this application. We fill facial collapses arising from skin thinning and […]

In which cases should nasal aesthetics be performed?

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Patients having problems of nasal deformities and nose breathing are suitable candidates. Patients who are older than 18 and have problems as nasal blockage, deformity, open mouth sleeping and snoring or whose nose is bigger, aquiline, crooked towards right or left or nose bridge is lower may have this operation.

Is non-surgical rhinoplasty possible?

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It is possible to perform aesthetic operations on patients with minimal problems by minimal interventions via some external filling materials. It is a suitable option for patients who don’t want to have any surgery, is afraid of anesthesia or having minor deformities It’s a temporary application. It’s effectiveness lasts for 1-1,5 years. When this period […]

İlk Estetik Ameliyat Ne Zaman Yapıldı?

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İLK ESTETİK AMELİYAT NE ZAMAN YAPILDI?  Bugün daha güzel bir yüz görünümü için yapılan burun estetiği ameliyatları, 2. Dünya Savaşı’ndan önce bambaşka bir amaca hizmet etti. Cerrah Jacgues Joseph, bazı Musevilerin belirgin burun şekillerini estetik ameliyatla değiştirerek onları Nazi katliamından kurtardı. BURUN TAMİRİ HİNDİSTAN’DAN DÜNYAYA YAYILDI  İngilizlerin Hindistan’ı işgal etmesiyle burun tamiri dünyaya yayılıyor. Bir […]

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