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Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Turkey


How to Choose a One of the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Turkey?

If you are considering rhinoplasty in Turkey and want to make the right decision about choosing a doctor, you should first pay attention to the doctor’s education, certificates and experience. Rhinoplasty surgery is a serious surgical intervention and must be performed by an expert surgeon to achieve successful results. Below you can find the factors you should consider when choosing a doctor.


When choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon, you need to pay attention to the surgeon’s training. Your doctor must graduate from a good university and his area of expertise must be in a field related to plastic surgery or rhinoplasty. It is also important that he/she has a valid medical license and relevant certifications. This training strengthens the surgeon’s technical skills and knowledge in his field so that he can serve his patients more safely and effectively. Therefore, it is important to consider educational background when choosing a surgeon, as this is an essential factor for a successful surgical experience.

Certificate & Board Approvals

First of all, it should be noted whether the surgeon has a valid certificate in plastic surgery or rhinoplasty. These certifications show that the surgeon has received specific training in the relevant field and has met a certain standard. In addition, the reputation of the institutions or organizations that issue the certificates is also important. Certifications issued by recognized and trusted healthcare organizations provide greater assurance of the surgeon’s competence.

Techniques He Uses

When choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon, the techniques used by the surgeon are also an important factor. A good rhinoplasty surgeon should be knowledgeable about current and effective surgical techniques and choose those that best suit the patient’s needs. First, it is important to understand the basic techniques the surgeon uses in rhinoplasty surgeries. There are different techniques, such as closed and open rhinoplasty, and it is important to understand the surgeon’s preferred method. Learning about the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques can help make the right decision for the patient. It is also important to understand whether the techniques the surgeon uses meet the patient’s expectations.

Before - After Results

Before and after photos show the before and after of the work the surgeon performed. This is an important opportunity to see the changes the surgeon achieves in his patients and the effect of rhinoplasty surgery. By examining the photographs, you can evaluate the surgeon’s style, sense of aesthetics and ability to meet the expectations of his patients. However, it is important to be careful to examine before and after photos. It should be ensured that the photographs are realistic and accurate. Factors such as lighting, angle, and clarity of photos can affect the appearance of the results.

Patient Stories and Comments

When choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, it is important to examine the stories and comments of the surgeon’s previous patients. These stories and feedback are an important way to evaluate a surgeon’s experience, accomplishments, and their patients’ satisfaction.
Patient stories describe the surgeon’s previous work and patient experiences. These stories show how the surgeon interacts with his patients, meets their expectations, and manages their postoperative experience. These stories provide important clues for assessing the surgeon’s level of professionalism and patient satisfaction.

Is Hasan Duygulu the Right Surgeon for Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Hasan Duygulu, who meets all the factors we wrote above, is a reliable doctor. Hasan Duygulu is a doctor who graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Medicine. He started his career at Izmir Tepecik Training and Research Hospital and worked at this institution for five years. Later, he completed his master’s degree in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery.

His areas of expertise include facial aesthetics, rhinoplasty, ear, nose and throat diseases and head and neck surgery. He has supported his expertise with a certificate from the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. In Italy, Dr. Giovanni Botti and Dr. He participated in deep plane face lift surgeries organized by Michele Pascali and received cadaver dissection training to increase his success.

Hasan Duygulu is a doctor known for his innovative and effective techniques in the field of rhinoplasty. He performs rhinoplasty surgery with open and closed methods according to the needs of his patients. It also uses piezo technique and micromotor technique to perform surgical intervention in a more precise and controlled manner. In this way, more natural and symmetrical results are achieved, while the healing process of patients is accelerated.

Is Hasan Duygulu One of Turkey's Famous Surgeons in Rhinoplasty?

Hasan Duygulu is one of the famous doctors in Turkey. On well-known platforms such as RealSelf and WhatClinic, patients’ positive feedback and satisfaction are frequently encountered. On these platforms, there are many positive comments about Hasan Duygulu’s expertise and patient-oriented approach. He also actively includes before-after photos and patient comments on his Instagram account. If you want to have rhinoplasty in Turkey you can choose Hasan Duygulu and experience a professional rhinoplasty process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best plastic surgeon in Turkey for nose?

Hasan Duygulu is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey.

Hasan Duygulu, one of the rhinoplasty doctors in Turkey, uses open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty methods and also successfully uses techniques such as piezo and micromotor.

To choose a plastic surgeon in Turkey, you need to look at the doctor’s education, certificates, before-after gallery, customer comments and the techniques he uses.

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